• Spa Parties

    • $40
      Includes Express Pedi and Mani (cost per person)
      Princess for a Day Spa Party – Ages 8 – 13

      HRH (Her Royal Highness) will start her day off with our FarmHouse Fresh Lollipops and Rainbows pedicure. The most fun anyone can have under the rainbow! First choose a rainbow polish to match your fizzy drink, and indulge in sweet treats as we provide a sugarrific pedicure that’s sure to cure that sweet tooth! A sparkling, fizzy, sweet soak begins the pedicure, followed by a sweet cream scented scrub down. The finishing touch, a strawberries and cream massage made with real live strawberry fruit cells and cooling aloe. Stawberrylicious! Next we bring the rainbow to her fingers with a glitter mini-mani. After a steaming soak arm wrap, and strawberrylicious massage, we’ll add your choice of glitter, glam or striped nail stickers – she’ll be doing lollipop and rainbow cartwheels in no time!

      For more information contact one of our Friendly Hospitality Specialists.

    • $50
      Includes Sage Mini Mani and Mini Pedi (cost per person)
      Queen in Training Spa Party – Ages 14 – 16

      Begin her day of pampering with our FarmHouse Fresh Queen Bee Royal Pedi. She will feel like a Queen Bee with our yummy honey pedi that’s dripping with goodness. A whipped honey fine salt scrub brings skin back to baby softness, followed by a warm honey-aloe-papaya fruit glaze, applied lavishly from knees to toes as you relax wrapped in a warm towel cocoon. A sweet Cream Body Milk moisture massage completes this sweet retreat. Shell be buzzing about this luxurious treatment! After concluding her Queen Bee Royal Pedi, HRH will be treated to our FarmHouse Fresh Let Them Eat Cake! mani. A creamy butter brulee’ whole milk soak melts into a whipped shea butter and sugar exfoliation that leaves skin touchably smooth. Well finish with a sweet massage using our FHF Whoopie! White-velvet buttercream scented shea butter that will certainly be the icing on her day!

      For more information contact one of our Friendly Hospitality Specialists.