• Hair Salon

    • Color

      • $70
        2 hrs
        All Over Hair Color
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      • $65
        2 hrs
        Color Retouch
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      • $70
        3 hrs
        Partial Hair Highlights (1/3 Head Foils)
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      • $85-$95
        3½ hrs
        Full Head Foil
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        Starts at $85, increases $10 with each new mix of color

      • $30
        60 min
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        A hair treatment that is applied like color that helps bring back shine and life into the hair. It improves your hair color and not dull anymore. Lasts 4-6 weeks depending on hair care.

      • $85-$100
        4 hrs
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        Balayage is a technique used to create a natural-looking hair color that is not noticeable when grown out. It’s a perfect approach for those who desire a unique style and hair color with the depth and dynamics everyone seeks in modern hairstyles.
        *Starts at $85 and increases depending on hair thickness and length

    • Style

    • Washing & Treatments

    • Cut