Shawna Smith

My name is Shawna Smith and I grew up right here in Rexburg, Idaho. After I finished high school and got married, I attended Austin Kade Academy in Idaho Falls. It was there that I truly found my passion for the beauty industry.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

It is the greatest feeling in the world to make someone feel good about themselves. That is why I love working at Sage Day Spa. It it is our goal to pamper our guests and give them an experience they will never forget. I love getting to know so many new people and making a connection with them. I can honestly say that some of my closest friends have started out as my clients.

How do you continue to learn?

After I finished school at Austin Kade Academy I wanted to continue learning and challenging myself to be a better stylist. I gained a big interest in doing artificial nails and designs. I taught myself to do gel nails and designs. It is fun looking at a picture that a client brings into the Salon and trying to recreate it. I love the challenge.  

How did you come to work at Sage Day Spa?

When I came across an ad that Sage Day Spa was hiring I knew I had to apply. I was currently already working 2 jobs but I knew I was interested in working there as well. I loved the atmosphere of Sage and how calming it was. I accepted the offer to work there and never looked back. I made it work with my other jobs until we were able to put in our very own hair salon in Sage Day Spa! Now I get to work at Sage full time and I love it!

How do you unwind?

I am an Idaho girl through and through. I love anything to do with being outdoors. In the summer I love to go camping and four wheeling with my family and friends. In the fall my husband and I love to go hunting together, and in the winter we go snow machining. I love being outdoors all year long!

What trends are you loving?

Right now everything in the hair industry is aimed towards looking super natural. Hair colors are not meant to be drastic or bold, they are done in a soft and subtle tone. Haircuts are cut to be very flowing and natural looking. Curls are done very loose and wavy. I think this trend is one of my favorites by far. I love just being able to accentuate someone’s natural beauty and make them feel fabulous about themselves.

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